Reception of the chief doctor: +375 (17) 373-46-12
Registry of paid medical services: +375 (17) 322-65-59 Working hours from 8.00 to 18.00, payment until 76.45.
Female Counseling Office 4: +375 (17) 379-73-53, +375 (17) 347-47-81
Registration office of the Minsk city center of osteoporosis: +375 (17) 379-61-30, +375 (17) 352-54-75

About Us

Healthcare Institution 1-st Municipal Clinical Hospital is a multi-functional Healthcare institution working under Healthcare Committee - Minsk City Executive Committee and provides full range of medical care for adult population of Minsk City and citizens of the Republic of Belarus, citizens of other states and stateless person in order and on conditions determined by Belarusian law.

The capacity of the institution is the following: a hospital for 650 beds and 4th women's consultation - 180 visits per shift serving Polyclinic №. 13, Children's Polyclinic № 1, № 17.

The main activities of the institution: Provision of first and emergency aid to patients with acute and sudden illnesses and other accidents, the timely provision of specialized medical care to in-patients with impaired cardiac, gastro-intestinal tract, endocrine disorders and nephrological, rheumatological profile, obstetric and gynecological care.